Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sarah and Todd NOT divorcing

It sounded like a plausible theory at the time: When Sarah Palin gave her rambling farewell speech a week ago today, many were thinking what was the real reason she was quitting into her first term in office, a year and a half before the election? Then rumours started spreading in the last couple of days that she and her husband, Todd, were divorcing. Palin's spokeperson said yesterday that the divorce rumour definitely is false as is the rumour she's bought land in Montana or Long Island or wherever. Still, there are a lot of questions about her sudden departure. Why would she leave one of the most lucrative gubernatorials in the US? And what is she planning for her comeback, whenever that is?

Hard to believe the election was back in November, and a year ago most Americans still hadn't heard about Palin. Then she became all the rage, and all the ridicule. This video clip from NPR's hugely funny show Right Between the Ears, shows a "conversation" between Palin and alleged lothario Antonio Banderas. (This is a running gag on the show, where "Banderas" manages to p-off any of his guests, men and women alike, about sleeping with the women with their lives in the case of the guys, or with the women themselves when the guest is a woman.)

Note how "Palin" and the sound effects person can barely contain their laughter when it turns into a confrontation between Antonio and "Tod-d"

Seems like Mrs. Palin is one of those stories that just won't go away, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

"Seems like Mrs. Palin is one of those stories that just won't go away, I suppose."

Thanks to people like you.

Anonymous said...

Palin divorce rumors just business as usual from the enemies of a real conservative GOP

The Democrat left and GOP elites fear Palin’s popularity with conservative voters as well as her independence from their control and direction. They have done all they can do to destroy her marriage, family, children and her vision for America and will continue to do so.

To the GOP neocon establishment who have trashed and attacked Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and other potential Republican candidates far more than the liberal Democrats, your attacks just increase the popularity of Sarah and the Palin For President in 2012 website effort at where we answer “Why They Hate Sarah”.