Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steve and Robert

I've heard of diplomatic faux pas in the past -- such as the time when my alma mater McMaster University hoisted the Japanese flag when a delegation from China showed up in town. But how can Canada's PM forget how to spell the word Iqaluit? Someone in PMS' office added an extra "u" after the q, following the general spelling rules. But as we all found out, that extra "u" turns it into a very rude word in the Inuktatut language.

Sure, many media outlets have made the error. Even I have on occasion. But the guy who is primus inter pares? Lord Almighty.

Also, Bob Novak died today. Brain cancer. I generally disagreed with his politics, and his involvement in the uncovering of a CIA agent is still too terrible to contemplate. But many in the Washington inside crowd on both sides always spoke highly of him as an intelligent and compassionate human being. Another microphone has gone silent forever. Too bad.

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