Monday, August 17, 2009

This time timber, next time -- nuclear fuel?

At least this ship piracy story has a happy ending, but the tale of a Russian-crewed and Finnish flagged ship that just disappeared into thin air with a huge load of timber worth about €1 million for three weeks raises much more questions than answers. Why was the transponder turned off? And why is it that spy satellites, which can peer into the bedrooms and offices where we type our blogs, couldn't find such a huge boat?!

Not to mention, European Union waters are amongst the most heavily patrolled on the planet. What if this had been an al Qaeda operation? What does that say about the democratic world's ability to fight terrorists, if we can't protect free trade?

Somewhere in the mountains that separate Afghanistan from Pakistan, or in a condominium on Central Park West, OBL is laughing at the West displaying its ineptitude yet again.

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