Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iran: Was right war then but not now

I still think it's Iran, not Iraq, the West should have gone after first -- there would have been much wider support from Canada and the EU to join the US in such an effort.   But now such a campaign would be an even worse quagmire than Operation Baghdad Civil War, and rather then getting rid of Mad Mad would only consolidate his power.    I'll defer to Steve Clemons at TWN for his thoughts about Obama and Iraq.

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Kirbycairo said...

If Iraq was the most expensive war in history and one that went quite badly for the US (which continues to spend billions there) an invasion of Iran would have made Iraq look like a tea party. At the time of the invasion Iraq's military capacity was about that of Iowa and the government there had very little support. Iran, for all its troubles and faults, has a powerful military, a fair amount of support from a divided population, many of the citizens are actually armed, and the state has fervent support from Shias all over the globe. If the Washington Post said that the mistake of the last millennium was invading Russia by anyone any time, an invasion of Iran would have turned out to be the mistake of this Millennium. The US is now locked into Iraq and Afghanistan for the foreseeable future, an invasion of Iran would have entirely bankrupted the country and the US would have actually lost in the end.