Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pray for Gaby

Well, folks, treason season really has come early this year ... a federal judge and five others were murdered, and fourteen wounded including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a "Blue Dog" Democrat from Arizona.   And incredibly, on one side Ms Giffords, a former executive for Price Waterhouse and Goodyear tire, is expected to survive; while on the other side the alleged shooter even though he was getting "more erratic" as of late (and was suspended from community college) still bought his gun perfectly legally.

Heal the wounded, bury the dead, lock up the creep for the next eighty years ... but isn't it obvious we have to finally tone down the rhetoric?   One of my greatest fears is that someday soon we will have an assassination or an attempt thereof here in Canada.   Don't say it can't happen.   I pray it doesn't of course, but we've had a few close calls -- such as an attack against an NDP MP in 1997 (can't remember if it was a mugging or a carjack) that spooked Preston Manning so much he finally and reluctantly moved into 541 Acacia (aka Stornoway), after he initally refused the perk.

It would help so much, the political discourse that is, if we actually finally listened to each other for once.   Isn't that what dialectic is supposed to be about?  Speaking one's mind as well as listening to the other side?

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DavidA said...

That incident was just fucked up. I mean, both teams, yours and mine, use metaphors to fire up the base.

When my blood is boiling over some left wing bullshit, I rant on an offending blog. I've seen left leaning individuals do the same over at the BT's.

That's the extent of our non-polite discourse...I hope it stays that way.

Peace, brother.