Saturday, September 1, 2007

Craig out!

When it comes to gays and lesbians, my attitude has mostly been that of Seinfeld -- "not that there's anything wrong with it." As I've noted on this blog previously, I do oppose gay marriage (though not civil unions) but also think the issue has been settled in Canada and we should just get on with it. I also support the right of social conservatives to raise their points as to why they think homosexuality is wrong.

What I do oppose, strenuously, is hypocrisy. I stand against public officials who oppose abortion but help themselves or other female relatives to access one. The same goes for vices such as gambling, smoking, gambling, and adult entertainment -- they say no for everyone else except themselves.

Hence, Sen. Larry E. Craig (R-ID). Earlier this year, the gentleman (and I use that term a bit skeptically) was arrested for soliciting sex in a Minneapolis restroom from another man who turned out to be a cop. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour earlier this week but quickly said it was a mistake just to make things go away and insisted he was not gay. That might work, except NBC News pointed out earlier this week he was asked the same question about his sexual orientation when he was a Representative -- 25 years ago. His response was something to the effect of, "I'm not going to dignify that question."

Well, needless to say, the pressure for Craig to resign came this week not from Democrats (who stand to gain from this, they have a tenuous one seat majority in the Senate right now) but Republicans; and the GOP's facing tough races next year in quite a few of the 22 they have to defend. Ronald Reagan's adage "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican" went out the window as Mitch McConnell (KY), John Ensign (NV) and John McCain (AZ) all said it was time for Craig to get the hell out of DC.

Craig was also dumped as Mitt Romney's campaign manager. Today, Craig is expected to resign.

I find it so interesting that Republicans continue to speak of traditional values, yet they're the ones who are the most under investigation. By my count, only one Democrat at the federal level is facing indictment; Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), the guy who just happened to have $75,000 in his home freezer.

Bill Clinton wasn't impeached for doing Monica Lewinsky, it was being not truthful about it. Anyone who can't admit to having tendencies like those Craig has while rooting for the other side doesn't deserve to be in public office. Being openly gay and supporting gay rights -- I can be persuaded to vote for such a candidate. Opposing the gay lifestyle while hiding in the closest -- sorry. I don't like public outings, but Craig deserved it bigtime.

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berlynn said...

Uhm, you seem to have your history facts straight. Yes, Clinton did Lewinski, but he was never impeached. He served his full term and wasn't able to run again because of the U. S. Law that says presidents can only serve two terms in office. So instead of babbling on about things which you obviously know nothing about why don't you just shut up?

BlastFurnace said...

Berlynn, I do have my facts straight. The term "impeachment" refers not to the removal of a high government official but his or her indictment by one part of the legislature, binding that official for trial by the other.

Two Presidents thus far have been charged by the House of Representatives, or impeached, in this manner: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both impeached men were tried in the Senate, both were acquitted -- Johnson won by a single vote, while Clinton easily won by 17.

Richard Nixon is commonly thought of as having been impeached, but he resigned before the full House could even vote articles of impeachment -- the Judiciary Committee only recommended three articles.