Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's the weather like in Kansas?

I honestly don't know; but when the Witchita Eagle comes out against the death penalty, one has to wonder if the tides of change for decency and respect are at last coming from the heartland and not the inner cities.

UPDATE (7:39 PM EDT, 2339 GMT): The link apparently isn't working so I've fixed it and referred to another site which pulled the story off. As for support for capital punishment being at an all time high -- it's actually slipped about 20 points over the last 10 years to about 62% and when people are given the choice between death and life without parole, a slim majority would actually prefer the latter. For what it's worth, the article makes the point well -- if people knew that someone would be on death row for 23 years before being executed would they support that?

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Suzanne said...

The link to the Wichita Eagle doesn't work for me.

An editorial from a newspaper doesn't amount to a change of attitude from the common people. Support for the death penalty seems as strong as ever in the US.