Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's not make the MMP vote personal

With 34 days to go before the election and referendum in Ontario, I have a suggestion.

I think it's to be expected the politicans are going to sling it out, rake the muck, do anything to demean each other. But on the referendum, where mixed member proportional and first past the post are on the ballot (not in that order!), I think we should try to put forward our points and where need be agree to disagree; but there's no reason for things to get personal. That's for the politicians to do.

This is about the form of democracy we should take -- and I think when it comes to something that amounts to an amendment to the province's constitution we need to think clearly and logically. Sure we're going to be passionate about it; but let's not let passion overtake reason.

Some of my fellow ProgBlogs (including some fellow federal Liberals), as well as some other bloggers, have taken a position contrary to what I and most of my colleagues have and that's fine. I pledge not to hold that against them, no matter the outcome.

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