Monday, September 17, 2007

Guess who wants to go to war against Iran?

Would you believe ... France?

Amazingly, France actually agrees on something with the US for a change. They're warning Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program or it'll ask the EU to impose even tougher sanctions than those authorized by the UN Security Council. And it hasn't ruled out asking the UN to permit member states to use "all necessary means" to make Iran stop -- which in diplomatese means "War."

I think Iran already has the bomb ... and frankly while I don't think it should have it I also think it's hypocrisy for the Big Five to claim they have exclusive rights to Da Bomb. Let's not forget, North Korea has the bomb (although it's promised to get rid of it, yeah right); as does Israel, India and Pakistan. And South Africa once had the bomb but not anymore. If PMS ever felt itchy like Dubya does just about every other day, Canada could procure one in a matter of days -- after all, we have the uranium as well as nuclear plants capable of reprocessing spent fuel rods into the material needed for, well you know.

(The security at nuclear plants, in fact any power plant, hasn't been great either; even after 9/11. Who can forget the Radio-Canada journalist who broke into Hydro-Québec's water power facilities and drove two miles underground without once being questioned. Imagine the security then at the nukes -- for the longest time one could just walk into a research facility without any questions and even now one can finagle his or her way in with smooth talk.)

I doubt any of the Big Five will ever get rid of their WMD although that's the ideal. But if all five promised by treaty that none would ever be the first to use The Bomb, then that would put more pressure on the rogue states to scale back or get rid of their weapons.

That ... plus the non-negotiable principles that Iran must recognize Israel's right to exist and that the Holocaust really did happen.

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