Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No, No Nietchzche

John Tory can't seem to catch a break. First, his candidate in Bruce Grey Owen Sound said he'd vote against extending funding to non-Catholic faith-based schools if the Conservatives are elected, going against his own boss. Tory dismissed him as a maverick.

Then last night, the candidate in Sarnia-Lambton said he'd vote against a plan to eliminate the coal fire plant in Lakeview. That plant, the candidate said, provides 400 jobs and pumps $300 million into the local economy every year. (This was just mentioned on Radio One.)

I'm all for free votes and local members' being freed from the undue influence of their leaders. But when your local candidates vow to vote against measures that could risk the loss of confidence in a would-be government (measures that involve appropriation of public funds) then it's clear that Tory doesn't know how to crack the whip and when to do so. If he can't do that during an election, how can he be expected to govern?

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