Friday, September 8, 2006

Don't the Chinese call it interfering in their internal affairs?

I've said on a number of occasions here that I oppose gay marriage; and that I have a great deal of difficulty with abortion, even though a number of my female colleagues have had the procedure. But as a Catholic, I also believe that we have the freedom to think and to make our own choices. It's in that vein that I wish sometimes Joe Ratzinger would just butt out. 43% of Canadians are Roman Catholic, myself included, and I sense the vast majority of us see themselves as Canadians, not pawns of the Vatican. If the Holy See had their way on everything, Québec would still be a facist theocracy and Catholics and Protestants would still walk on opposite sides of the street.

Let us figure out the tough moral issues in honest and focused debate. Our faith, and those of other Canadians, should always be a guide. But we must ask ourselves What Would Jesus Do -- and not worry about what other think on that question.

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