Saturday, September 9, 2006

Hasta la vista, Arnie

Politicians seem to forgot sometimes that nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is truly "off the record." Arnold Schwarzenegger got into hot water the other day when he made some rather indelicate remarks about people from Cuba and Puerto Rico; the latter of which is, of course, part of the United States. Running in an election where his major challenger is a person of Hispanic origin (as well as the person in charge of California's budget process), not a very smart move.

He apologized almost as soon as the comments, caught on tape, were leaked to the LA Times. All well and good. But he has never apologized, nor does it appear he ever intends to, for his racist remarks against Arabs and Muslims; even if he performed them while playing fictional characters on the big screen. He can't have it both ways. Either he's the Governor of all of California, or Muslims are not part of his state. If he believes the latter, he doesn't deserve to serve in any political or civil office, even a local rate assessor or county extension agent.

Actually, even if he does disassociate himself from such remarks, he still doesn't deserve the job. After all, he was in bed with ENRON during the energy crisis; then used that as leverage to vault himself to office during the recall which was partly in part about the energy crisis. Which makes him a hypocrite. Like the Kennedy family he married into -- the pieces of shit.

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