Friday, September 1, 2006

Ridiculous item of the week (2006-09-01)

Let me see if I have this right: A town in Eastern Ontario -- Scugog -- decides to do the right thing from the start (unlike Stephen Harper, who was embarrassed into it by grieving military families) and lower the flag in front of its hall each time a Canadian serviceperson dies in the line of duty. One weekend, there is another KIA. No one has reported for work on the weekend, so a city councillor decides to take it upon himself to lower the flag. The union, saying that's a job for city staff, files a grievance.

Yesterday, facing enormous ridicule, the union dropped it, and agreed to negotiate with city council about a new protocol the next time this happens. It only goes to show, however, just how out of touch organized labour -- or at least its leadership -- has become with mainstream Canadians. There is no doubt that trade and craft unions are a good thing; and I fully support the right to organize, as well as the compulsory checkoff of union dues -- whether one is a member of a local or not -- known as the "Rand Formula." But a grievance should be filed on the basis both on what is right for the worker as well as common sense. Bitching about the Maple Leaf is a bit unbecoming.

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