Monday, September 11, 2006

Olbermann: This hole in the ground

After going at Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Richard Cheney, Keith Olbermann does it yet again; this time going straight at the top and indicting George W. Bush in an essay titled "This Hole In The Ground." (Blog entry here, video here.)

In probably the best eight minutes of TV so far this year, KO asks some very simple questions:
  • Why is there still a gaping hole at Ground Zero? Why it is that even the memorial hasn't been started, let alone the towers that will be the new World Trade Centre? Why is the Battery nothing but a photo op?
  • Why was it that a sense of unity and purpose was squandered in a matter of weeks? That out of a sense that "We're all Americans now," the cabal went back to business as usual and said, "We're the only Americans?"
  • How could it be possible that America wound up going to war against a despot who, by his own admission, hated Osama bin Laden as much as, if not more so than, the United States? A guy whose only offence when it came to WMD (of which there were none) was sloppy bookkeeping?
  • Last but not least, is it possible that the Walt Disney Company -- which the religious right reviles so much for its pro gay policies -- has suddenly become the tool of the religious right and produces a film that accuses Bill Clinton of dereliction of duty when in fact he was the first to make a serious attempt to assassinate OBL and put him out of his wretched life?

At long last, one journalist in the MSM has finally found the courage of their convictions and declared open war against the latter day McCarthyite. Finally, one media member has had the guts to tell the truth. Sadly, in the state of the world we live in, Olbermann can next expect to get either a severe tax audit from the IRS -- or a horse's head next to him when he wakes up one morning -- and either one will be courtesy of Karl Rove.

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