Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In memoriam: Robert Goulet (1933-2007)

You either loved him or hated him. The Toronto Sun certainly fell in the latter category -- way back when the former SkyDome hosted Wrestlemania VI, Robert Goulet was chosen to sing the Canadian National Anthem -- and the paper wryly said it had an office pool about how far Goulet could get past the word "Oh" and what he'd sing after the first word.

But Goulet, a serious actor and singer, knew how to poke fun at himself -- even doing the "naughty" version of "Jingle Bells" on The Simpsons. And that's what a true showperson does ... is graceful even when the media isn't. Can you imagine Paris or Britney, Tom or Mel having that kind of class? Ever?

Another one bites the dust -- and with it, a link to a less complicated and more optimistic time when we believed we could do anything. Today, that's only if we've born into wine, beer or oil fortunes -- or Hollywood "royalty." What was Goulet's roots? The son of a security guard at a textile mill.

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