Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kenneth Copeland: The Cartoon

Here's a not-so humourous look at Kenneth Copeland's ministry -- in cartoon form, courtesy of the gang at Christian satire magazine Wittenburg Door. This you have to read. (HTML, PDF).

Remember who Copeland votes for. Not that a lot of mainstream churches are any better -- heck, I switched congregations (though not religions) after my parish priest drove around town in a Jaguar. I don't begrudge one car -- Copeland has 21, plus seven motorcycles; and he could just walk less than a mile to his studio but he doesn't. But does a preacher need a megachurch in the middle of nowhere, let alone a corporate jet we know for a fact has been used for more than just ministry business?

And even if his television ministry went bankrupt, he won't -- he's sitting on one of the richest oilfields in Texas.

Here's a challenge, the same one I and many other have issued to the prosperity gospel movement: If you truly believe in the hundred fold blessing, give all your possession -- minus the shirt on your back -- to the poor. Then see what happens.

Of course, it won't happen. And remember how nearly all of them vote. For a guy who decided yesterday to pick on someone smaller than him and take away their health insurance -- little children -- by vetoing an increase in the tobacco tax. Yes, suffer little children indeed.

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