Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SPLC: Tony Alamo is a hatemonger

Last time we heard from Tony Alamo, he was doing time for tax evasion. Now the Catholic hater, brainwasher and FBI Top Ten Alumnus is back based out of Texarkana (home town of Ross Perot, entirely a coincidence) and still spreading his hate against everything he deems "Unamerican," according to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Centre, one of the leading anti-hate organizations in America. The SPLC, co-founded by Morris Dees (a real hero of the civil rights struggle) has now listed Alamo's ministry as a hate group.

Oh yeah -- Alamo loves Hitler and has three "wives."

And Lou Dobbs, like most of the prime-time talk show hosts (a notable exception being Keith Olbermann) HATES the SPLC.

Beginning to see a pattern here? Incidentally, the Arkansas Police refuse to say whether they're even investigating the guy at all. This guy needs to be stopped before he can give the wackos even more ammunition in their battle to make America "the way it used to be."

Um, like the Founding Fathers, most of whom didn't believe in the Resurrection? By the standards of the religious right who strive to uphold the so-called "original intent" of the Constitution, Washington, Madison and the rest should be considered anti-American too.

Sorry, but hate is hate. Period. And if you see a leaflet from this man in your windshield (Alamo's favourite way of proselytizing), I'd do the same thing I do to one from Chick Publications. I put it in my shredder.

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