Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Montréal says "non" to ultra skinny

The catwalks in Montréal have announced they're joining a growing group of cities that are saying that they will ban models who don't fall within an acceptable Body Mass Index range; an attempt to discourage female teens and youths from becoming anorexic on purpose just so they "look good."

Of course this move must be applauded. What I'd rather see, however, are two things:

1) Celebrities tell the tabloids to go screw themselves, and start adopting healthier lifestyles for themselves. For better or worse, they are role models. It just sickens me that there's a race to see which current A-lister can be the next to join the Size Zero club; and there's even talk about negative sizes. Negative? I thought those sizes were reserved for people emaciated at death camps; a part of history that should have been declared "never again." Guess not.

2) The fashion industry as a whole attempt to cater to women -- and men -- of all shapes and sizes and promote clothes that make someone look good regardless of body mass. There will always be people who want to dress like it's a funeral every day, of course, but most want to look like they're "with it." But I guess overall, if people just felt like themselves rather than having to pretend they have to be someone else, we could start setting things the way they should be again.

Just my piece of mind this morning. I shall attempt to return to matters of greater importance tonight.

To paraphrase Edward Murrow: Good day, and good luck.

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