Monday, January 21, 2008

Help public transit workers

An article in today's Toronto Star reminds us that PTSD is not limited to war veterans. Victims of sexual assault suffer from it; and so do public transit workers.

It's not just that the drivers and other associated workers need help; of course they do, and it's forced worker's comp to adjust its focus from what we normally consider workplace injuries. It's also that nothing is being done to keep driver's safe. I'm not necessarily saying we should have undercover marshalls on every public transit vehicle but would it hurt so much to give these drivers not just self-defence training but also the moral and social support they need when they are attacked? They don't need people telling them, "Are you going to file for LTD?"

The fact they are not getting moral as well as health support, tells me that those in power believe those who they believe serve them alone but in fact serve all of us, are expendible.

Little wonder so many people prefer driving their cars and trucks to work and school. If the drivers aren't safe how can they be? Plastic shields and locked driver compartments aren't enough.

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