Monday, January 28, 2008

To what end?

Looks like Harper is backing the recommendations of the Manley Report which recommends that Canada "stay the course" in Afghanistan.

I'm sorry. I'm admittedly more hawk than dove, but even my patience has worn thin. We're propping up a government that is either corrupt or cannot contain corruption; a President who for better or worse is a glorified Mayor of Kabul. Development goals are nowhere near being met, and the drug trade is at an all time high. More important, the Canadian troops are concentrated in the wrong area ... they should be in the border region looking out for You Know Who. Six and a half years is more than enough for the Afghan Forces to pull their own bootstraps and not have the West fight the war for them.

NATO won't come up with the troops needed to finish the job. We either need to bring ours home for good, or at least take a sabbatical from the region for twelve to eighteen months so they can take a breather.

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