Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama wins SC

I was expecting Barack Obama to win today's primary in South Carolina, but his margin of victory was huge, surprising even me. 55% Obama, 27% Clinton, 18% Edwards. Obama gave one of his best speeches ever tonight, and the wind is clearly his now. Edwards, who I personally like, is fading fast ... and at this point the best he can hope for is to be the crowner at the convention.

Meanwhile, Obama has received another major endorsement and from a perhaps not too unlikely source -- Caroline Kennedy. Uncle Ted is keeping mum about his intentions but as the only remaining child of JFK she is in many ways her family's voice.

I can't imagine Clinton will be too happy about losing support from some members of the Vineyard Gang. Bobby Jr., for one, is behind Clinton but his voice pales in comparison to the President's daughter.

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