Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lunn sacks Keen

Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn fired the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission, Linda Keen, late last night; after she accused Lunn of interfering with her job and the crisis at Chalk River. (A reminder to my non-Canadian readers: Chalk River, upstream from Ottawa, is where most of the free world's medical isotopes are manufactured.)

Nope, sorry. It's Lunn who should resign. Keen was a career bureaucrat, not a "Liberal appointee" as he accused her of; although since Lunn said that in Parliament he of course cannot be sued since in both Houses and their committees one has immunity.

And the weird thing about all this is this comes after the House Natural Resources Committee subpoenaed both yesterday to appear to answer questions today.

Keen says she has every intention of appearing even though she was sacked. I'm almost hoping this is what triggers an election. True, there have been problems at Chalk River for years but to blame this one on Liberals and Liberals alone as Lunn wants to do has gotten so old it's not funny anymore. Canadians are sick and tired of the Blame Game. The Government is the Government and must take responsibility in the here and now no matter what may have been done by others in the past.

Keen was anything but insubordinate. She was doing her job, and she has the right to criticize the powers that be just like any other Canadian.

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