Monday, May 12, 2008

Ex L & O star caught with gun at airport

After the character of Lenny Briscoe (the late Jerry Orbach) left Law and Order, I kind of got attached to his replacement Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina). Fontana was much tougher than his exterior (and his Porsche) suggested; and he had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of history and pop culture which he used to help solve cases. He left after, I think, just two seasons which I kind of thought sucked.

Yesterday, Farina (a real life ex-cop) was going through security at LAX intending to fly a plane to Chicago, when officials found a loaded and unregistered handgun in his briefcase. He was reported to be "very apologetic and cooperative" to the LAPD, as they took him in to the detachment in Van Nuys.

Farina's defense appears to be he "totally forgot" about the gun being in the briefcase.

Excuse me ... he remembers that the Knights Templar were the first group to be given diplomatic immunity by the Pope, centuries before the concept was enshrined by treaty -- and yet he forgets about a gun?

On the upside, his new movie What Happens in Vegas opens this week. Any publicity is good publicity ... I suppose.

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