Friday, May 9, 2008

What will it take to get rid of Than Shwe?

More than a week after a cyclone hit Burma, and the thugs who rule the country still refuse to allow international aid to come into the country. They're more concerned with their own security and power; somehow fearing that their regime will be overthrown and the rightful PM of the country, Aun Sung Suu Kyi, will be put in power.

If there is a trigger for the moment Than Shwe and company forfeited their right to rule, it is over this. When Iran was devastated by an earthquake back in 2003, it accepted aid from the United States even though the two countries don't even recognize each other's right to exist. There is simply no excuse to allow upwards of a million people to die simply because it is convenient for the leadership to do so.

The response of the US government in the Katrina disaster was appalling, but at least most of the refugees in that crisis eventually got some assistance, albeit in the form of food stamps and trailers filed with urea formaldehyde foam insulation. They were able to have something to begin to get back on their feet, even if it was peanuts. Here, on the other hand, it seems Than would rather the people drown or die from starvation.

Oh, did I also mention that the cyclone also wiped out the rice crop in Burma, which will make our food prices go even higher? What fucking piece of shit those assholes are.

If the Burmese authorities won't do their job, then unfortunately the UN will have to use the extraordinary powers it does have to intervene in a humanitarian crisis. If it means getting rid of Than, having him die in "mysterious" circumstances will more than make up for the millions he's murdered. Man, if I had that kind of scratch I'd offer $10 million for his assassination. Really, I would.

The people in Burma need help and they need it now no matter what Than may think about that. Handing out DVD players instead of food is not the way to generate positive public relations.

Unless, of course, Than hired Hill and Knowlton as his PR firm. Wouldn't surprise me. After all, they also represent Kuwait (remember "Nurse" Nayirah?) and Mainland China amongst other undesirable governments; and formerly, the Church of Scientology.

UPDATE (9:04 am EDT, 1304 GMT): BBC World TV just reported that 38 tons of food aid from the UN's Food Program was seized by the junta. Really, really fucking bastards!

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A Eliz. said...

Doesn't this bunch of thugs remind you of Mugabe. Both men, along with their henchmen should all go to the Hague. both should have been stopped long ago.
I do agree something has to be done to this Junta now!!!