Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flooding on purpose

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures, hence today's forced flood in rural Manitoba to destroy a hundred or so homes in order to save another 1000 or more.   Still one has to wonder why more preventative measures aren't being taken beforehand.   PMS may continue to deny it but the chances are we're going to continue to have more and more of these "300 year" floods on a much more regular basis.   Just like we here in Hamilton are now getting "50 year" rainstorms twice a year.

Isn't it time the feds and provinces sort out the areas most at risk and build more diversion channels like Duff's Ditch?   Why should urban folk not have to pay the price for nature's fury but rural folk always should?

It's the farmers that feed the cities, not the other way around.

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