Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Splitsville for Ahnold, Shriver

Divorce is never a simple matter.   Especially when it involves Arnold Schwarzenegger and his soon to be ex wife Maria Shriver.   It is just possible if the truth above his love child came out during the 2003 recall, he might have never been elected?   How much better would California be in if someone with real gravitas had been selected?   No, not Arianna Huffington (conscientious but maybe a bit too pretentious as well) ...but maybe it would have been better if Moonbeam had been allowed to have his second go at Sacramento rather than now when the state is in even greater dire straits.

(I do give Muscles credit for pushing forward high speed rail and improving local public transit across the state, but that's no excuse to cheat.    Similarly, maybe the Moonbeam epithet is harsh -- Jerry Brown was actually proposing launching satellites to act as a backup for emergency services communications as well as the Emergency Alert System, an idea which was eventually adopted nationwide, so he was actually just a bit ahead of his time on that one.)

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