Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote 2011, and "that guy"

It's all over but the voting and please make sure you do vote today.   Remember it's "ass-a-hole-as" like Osama Bin Laden who believe that democracy is a sin against God.   More on him in just a second ... but here's my prediction for tonight (remember there are 308 districts so the magic number is 155):

  • Conservatives 130
  • New Democrats 115
  • Liberal 46
  • Bloc Quebecois 17
I'll be so bold as to say Jack Layton will win the popular vote.   It's happened before -- Trudeau actually beat out Joe "Who" Clark in 1979 by raw numbers (by 800,000 votes in fact) but lost the seat count.

If the numbers add up so the NDs and Grits -- in either order -- can coalesce and defeat the Cons without the Bloc -- then all the better.

Far as OBL goes, good riddance.   I would have preferred him to see him stand trial for his misdeeds -- and we're in for a very lengthy shakedown before we can ever really go back to "normal" -- but I predicted his downfall after the London bombing.    There's only so much the peace loving world can take.   We should have gotten him when we had the chance in October of 2001, but better late than never I suppose.

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