Friday, May 27, 2011

HuffPo takes on the Great White North

What a pleasant surprise when I saw the other day that Arianna Huffington launched a Canadian version of the Huffington Post.   I was annoyed, as were other users, that for some reason the US pages were blocked -- fortunately the webmeisters at AOL fixed that problem and you can now "toggle" between the two editions on the "front page" link.

With too much right wing media in this country, which is becoming more US like in their demagogic and "every story is an editorial" approach to covering what they think is important and not (lessons learned well from the Western Standard and even crazier Bible-thumping white supremacist "magazines"), we need more alternative voices and this is going to be a huge one.   The really big surprise is Heather Reisman, owner of Indigo Books, will be the Canadian editor.   With both women's gravitas, getting other columnists will be no problem.

So a huge thank you to Ms Huffington.   She has also indicated she looks forward to having other foreign editions of HuffPo soon (the UK version is due for release July 6th) and this too will be helpful.  Progressives everywhere need to know what we're doing in each other's turf to fight The Man.

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DavidA said...

Please square this:

"...Arianna Huffington launched a Canadian version of the Huffington Post."

with this:

"...becoming more US like in their demagogic..."

and tell us this post is satire.