Monday, May 26, 2008

Lindbergh sought solution for eternal life

I know that Charles Lindbergh was quite the character -- aviator, inventor (including a hand in the creation of the heart-lung machine), author. Unfortunately, he also sympathized with the Nazis, at least until Pearl Harbour, and was a supporter of the rightfully discredited "science" of eugenics.

But this story from the BBC really makes me wonder how much of a grip he had. He actually sought a way to be immortal. Well, immortality for him and a "few chosen others."

Guess the search for the Philosopher's Stone has taken multiple turns, but I never would have guessed Lindbergh would be one of the seekers. As pointed out in Harry Potter, only one who knew enough to seek it but not use it would be able to find it -- and no one, absolutely no one, is capable or worthy of doing that in our world.

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