Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Hillary, you want to seat FL and MI? YOU STILL LOSE!

Here's a nifty chart from Democratic Convention Watch. Under every scenario being considered, from excluding Florida and Michigan all together to seating them as is, Obama still leads Clinton in number of delegates and is closer to the magic number required to win outright. The lead is 71 to 171 depending on how the Rules Committee decides to handle the situation. My guess right now, they'll seat Florida as if the election was legal; and split Michigan 67-57 since Obama wasn't even on the ballot there.

We'll know what the DNC decides on Friday. It's an open meeting; at least, open to the press; but since Obama has a vast majority of the states and territories to date, it stands to reason his team will control the process.

One other point: Clinton claims she's the real leader in popular vote, but note she and Terry McAuliffe deliberately exclude the caucus states which they dismiss as "beauty pageants." It's a bit tricky since the state parties there reported delegates to the state or territorial convention and not actual raw numbers as the GOP did in their caucuses, but presuming 20 votes for each delegate selected by precinct, Obama would still have a lead of about 200,000 votes when all is said and done.

Actually, Hil, I'm being hard on you. There are no losers, you've proved a woman can run for President and be taken seriously and in that sense you are a winner. You just decided to run as though it was 1992 and 2008 -- and America's moved on. You totally misread Web 2.0 and its power.

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