Saturday, May 17, 2008

McGovern on Obama

George McGovern is a very thoughtful person, and I almost wish he had beaten Richard Nixon back in 1972. Here is McGovern at a rally last night for Obama.

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Jennifer Smith said...

I almost wish he had beaten Richard Nixon back in 1972.


I recently had a commenter bring up the '72 McGovern Campaign (coincidentally while I'm reading 'All the President's Men'). He was one of those who had put his faith in McGovern and was crushed when Nixon steamrollered over him, and seemed concerned that I was setting myself up for the same disappointment.

Maybe. But I'm still an idealist, and I still believe that this time, America is truly ready for the kind of sweeping social and political transformation that Kennedy, Shriver, Kennedy and McGovern promised but failed to truly deliver.

Obama appeals to the better angels of America's nature. Let us hope that Canada follows them down that same course.

BlastFurnace said...

Yes, Jennifer, McGovern deserved to win; but seeing Nixon forced to resign in disgrace was much more satisfying. Had Mitch won, the truth may have never come out because Nixon would have been the previous day's news and no one would have cared.

Obama is the candidate -- the only candidate -- who can steer America and the world through the "Fourth Turning" that's coming very soon, may in fact be already here. Sadly, both Clinton and McCain would give the US back to back Neros after Bush (the other Nero Prezes were Buchanan and Hoover and even they were way better than Dubya).

As far as the "better angels of nature bit," you're absolutely right. Canada needs its own Obama; it may already have one in the wings but not enough people or the press are looking hard enough.