Thursday, August 10, 2006

Al Qaeda and Hezbollah at war with each other?

Watching The National tonight, there was an interesting side report done by long-time foreign correspondent and "semi-retired" analyst Joe Schlessinger. The video isn't up yet on the CBC's site, but Old Joe suggested that the arrests today in Britain may be in part related to a power struggle for the hearts and minds of Muslims between two rival groups -- Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. If that is true, then the current Middle East situation could get a whole lot worse even if a ceasefire is managed.

There is simply no way Hezbollah will allow itself to be disarmed. It can only happen with massive force, and while one can continue to question the proportionality of Israel's response, there is no question in my mind the so-called "Party of God" must be annihiliated as much as Al Qaeda has to be. Add to that Iran's threat to cause Armaggedon as early as August 22nd (not too surprising from a guy -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- who both denies the Holocaust but is also one of Hezbollah's biggest financial backers) and the stakes could not be much higher.

A lot of us may be rolling our eyes over the idea of not being able to take bottled water on board flights and duty-free shops no longer allowed to sell perfume or alcohol. But is that really such a big deal compared to having a maniac with his hands on the button -- or having the ability to transfer the technology to Mr Nasrallah?

Unfortunately, I have to say it again: George W Bush went about the Axis of Evil the wrong way. He went about it in the incorrect order. He should have assassinated Kim Jong-Il first, taken out the Guardians of Iran second, then finished the triple play by murdering Saddam Hussein without having to invade the country. Doing it that way would have cut off the supply lines and the financial resources of a substantial chunk, if not the entirety, of the terror network. Instead, they are as strong as ever.

Having to fight a civil war in Iraq is one thing. Taking on two widespread and well-funded groups which are the latter day equivalent of the Mafia is something else. And it's ordinary people who have to pay the price. The only good thing about today was that oil dropped nearly three dollars a barrel -- although we won't see that reflected at the gas pump until Hallowe'en.

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