Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fox News journalists freed from captivity

Some genuinely good news to start the morning, as two journalists from the controversial Fox News network, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, were released from nearly two weeks of captivity after -- apparently -- the intervention of Hamas. Regardless of the rivalry that has pitted Fox and its affiliates against the rest of the world, the Fourth Estate is a fraternity and an attack on one is an attack on all; so I'm heartened to see the captors came to their senses.

If the militants in the region will only do what else is right and release the three soldiers from the IDF still currently being held in Gaxa and southern Lebanon, which is what started the current crisis in the Middle East in the first place, then there might be a way to move forward. Unfortunately, for now, two things are certain: Rather than just merely create a barely viable democratic Iraq, the US has emboldened Iran; and Israel has once again found Lebanon to be its Achilles heel -- and the two are indisputably linked.

I'd be surprised if Ehud Olmert survives the year in office. I won't be if Iran confirms it already has the nuclear bomb as many of us suspect they do.

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