Monday, August 28, 2006

McGuinty realizes election is coming, Part 1

Just a couple days after a surprise turnaround in finances allowed Ontario to go from a projected $2.2 billion deficit to a modest 300 million or something surplus for the year ending March 31, 2006 -- McGuinty proves he's already in election mode for the mandatory fixed date set for the first week of October 2007. Remember back in June when the Ombudman smacked the province for its contempt for those who lived almost exclusively on disability support payments? Well now, they've been on a whirlwind the last three months trying to catch up on back payments for the 19,000 or so owed money. They're up to 13,000; and hope to make sure the rest (who for some reason aren't in the computerized database) get what's due them by the end of the year.

At least the provincial Liberals are doing it, even if they were embarrassed into it. But they could and should do more. Disability payments from the CPP / RRQ as well as workers' compensation should also be exempt from the calculation of the disability payments. They can afford to do it, and it's the right thing. And, they should be indexed to inflation just as federal entitlements are.

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Bradley Dorrance
28/08/2006 5:24:40 PM

From the Ontario Liberal Party's eNews:
"General Motors of Canada’s decision to manufacture its new Camaro in Oshawa is a resounding vote of confidence in Ontario and its workers. The announcement about this investment took place just after Premier McGuinty was named Personality of the Year 2006 by fDi (Foreign Direct Investment) magazine, part of the Financial Times group of London. The Premier was chosen because of his efforts to promote research and innovation, for forming partnerships with the auto industry to bring $7 billion in new auto investments to Ontario, and for bringing forward a plan to ensure that we have enough electricity supply over the long-term. This latest investment further proves that our plan to attract investment in the province is working."
Just a little more evidence that this Premier has been dramatically underappreciated.

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