Friday, August 18, 2006

Detroit judge shuts down "warrantless wiretaps"

Yesterday's decision by a US federal judge in Detroit to shut down the warrantless wiretapping program of GWB is a major victory for civil rights, especially the right to privacy. Once again, the point has been made that a fishing expedition to find the rogue plankton is simply wrong and unreasonable. (Text of ruling here.)

I find it rather humourous that Republicans, who immediately appealed the decision, are claiming the judge in the case -- Anna Diggs Taylor -- is biased because she was a civil rights worker and was appointed by Jimmy Carter. Yet they have no problem with conservative judges ruling in trade and patent cases where he or she had a clear conflict of interest (i.e. they had positions in one of the contesting companies); let along whatever stances they might have in individual and collective liberties.

Is there something wrong here?

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