Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Who will protect the children?

There is, thankfully, good news this morning about the kidnapping of two young boys from Western Canada -- Jordan Bruyère and Zachary Miller. Both are alive and well after going missing for days. Their alleged kidnapper, Peter Whitmore, is now in custody after surrendering peacefully to the Mounties. The crazy thing about it all is that an AMBER alert was issued for Miller when he went missing a couple of days ago. On the other hand, Bruyère got no such consideration even though the m.o. was almost identical and he was just at much risk -- and he had been gone for weeks, not days.

As for Whitmore, he was clearly a high risk offender, having had numerous sexual offences. Where was the Parole system in all of this -- and why weren't they keeping a closer eye on the situation?

I fully understand the concerns of those who feel that first time offenders who made a mistake just want to get on with their lives, and may get caught up in a "law and order" régime. When it comes to sex offenders, however, and multiple ones at that, shouldn't the system be keeping a tigher leash and monitoring them? Put it bluntly, Whitmore shouldn't have been on the streets in the first place -- or at the very least, a section 810 order restricting his movements should have been renewed. (Apparently, that's what was supposed to happen but one province forgot to notify the others -- totally crazy in my opinion. Isn't that why we have a National Sex Offender Registry?)

If it were my kids, I'd be personally suing the members of the Parole Board who let this bastard out in the first place. They clearly weren't doing their job. No one -- not even those of us in the Progressive Movement -- should have to put up with this.

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02/08/2006 9:50:37 AM

Nothing makes my blood boil hotter than to hear about yet another offense by one of these animals, who, as I understand it, can rarely ever be rehabilitated. Peter Whitmore practically begged the authorities to control him, when he admitted his sexual desires were out of control, and he considered himself to be dangerous. In the face of overwhelming evidence that men and women like Peter will consistently re-offend, we let them loose into society again and again, to ruin the lives of innocent children. Haven’t I read somewhere, that to offend one of these little ones would mean that you would be better to have a stone tied to your foot and be cast into the sea, than to face the judgment of God? Would that not infer that the members of Canada’s Parole Board had better get some swimming lessons if they insist on releasing these people?

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