Friday, March 7, 2008

Arbour steps down

As widely expected, former Supreme Court of Canada Associate Justice Louise Arbour has stepped down as the UN's Human Rights Commissioner. It's not too surprising when one considers her frustration with the US Government and its continued support of torturing terrorism suspects, destroying what credibility it has on the issue. As long as America continues to interfere on this important UN agency, no person worth his or her salt should take the job. Which means that some maniac from Syria or North Korea will probably be next in line.

Americans should really pay attention to this one. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton came out with the whopper that she has national security "experience" and John McCain does as well; as for Barack Obama, said Clinton, he'll have to explain himself.

Mrs. Clinton has absolutely no credibility or moral authority on national security or torture, and the two issues are inherently linked. She openly supported torture until just before the primaries in New Hampshire (how convenient!); while McCain who was stuck at the Hanoi Hilton for five years and was a victim of torture is now one of its most enthusiastic supporters.

Obama has opposed using the enemies' means from day one. He has the most crediblity and moral authority, and therefore has the upper hand when it comes to national security.

Don't be surprised if the UN job remains vacant for a year or so and when the next President finally comes into power and it was Clinton, she nominated Karl Rove who is even worse on the issue.

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