Thursday, March 27, 2008

Suck the blood out of the turnip and save Darfur

An article in this Sunday's NYT Magazine section but already posted on the paper's website discusses the action campaign to embarrass Mainland China over its support of the ongoing massacre in Darfur, running up to the Genocide Olympics this summer.

Among the leaders of the campaign is the actress Mia Farrow. They plan to keep it up all the way to this August when the games begin.

As well as they should. It's totally disgraceful that China, using its veto, won't even allow a discussion of what's happening in Sudan. Or that it continues to buy the country's oil adding further salt to the wounds of those killed and displaced.

I don't know what a complete boycott would achieve. Obviously the athletes want to compete. But there are two things that should and can be done. First, all world leaders should make a point of boycotting the opening and closing ceremonies. In fact, so should the athletes themselves. A Parade of Nations without the nations marching in would send a symbolic point -- and it would cut down the ceremony by about an hour and a half. 90 minutes less for the fucking Butchers of Tiananmen Square to spread their evil propaganda. Better Dead than Red, I say.

Second, the athletes should be according diplomatic immunity by their respective governments in respect of one aspect -- free speech -- so that while they're there they can tell the people of China, 24/7, what's really going on in their country. I think it would be a real blessing if during the Games people there have a real revolution and overthrow their masters in the full view of the world.

Some will say, it's better that China stay Communist. NO IT'S NOT. We should be praying for the deaths of the Commie leadership. Perhaps a new regime of leaders will see the recklessness of their policies and stop buying oil from Sudan and other places where killing people randomly is the order of the day. Suck the blood out of the turnip, lives are saved. It's that simple.

For my part, I will never visit China -- never -- until the country is free. And when it is, I just might walk right up to the place where Chairman Mao is buried and urinate on the tomb.

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