Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

In honour of Earth Hour, this page is going with a "dark" background.

To all the right wingers who intend to have everything on full blast tonight in retaliation, I hope the electric panels in your houses short out and you have fires on your hands.

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RuralSandi said...

You know what? I think the right wingers are afraid of the dark - afraid there's a boogy man in the house somewhere.

Platty said...

So you are saying "Do as we do or burn"?

Sounds about right....


susansmith said...

Runnng on battery, I went to Ontario Power Generation. It provides an update on current energy output for the province. It usually runs at about 21000 MW, and peak dinner hours about 24000 MW, but take note as of 9:40 pm, it has steadily going down, and down it is 12,765 MW.
One should check back after 9 pm, as this is delayed, as generation cannot instantly power down.

BlastFurnace said...

Platty -- I didn't mean it literally. Sandi and Jan: I'd like to see the tallies myself.

I think the whole point of the exercise is to get people to think about how to conserve energy around the clock, not just for one hour. The skylines of Toronto and New York are perfect examples: Wasted energy at night, plus all those lights screw up migratory bird paths.

Anonymous said...


Conservatives are afraid of the dark because they're "unenlightened".

Nathan Briggs, Complaint Free Humanoid said...

Earth Hour Around Globe -