Friday, March 21, 2008

"Your parents were Herb and Judy Nahasapeemapetilon"

[With apologies to the writers at The Simpsons]

Isn't it curious that on three occasions this year, Barack Obama's passport file was breached? That they were breached the day after the New Hampshire primary, the day of the Texas Dem debate, and the day the Rev. Wright story broke? And that no one, including Obama, found out until last night?

Even Hillary Clinton is crying foul, remembering how her husband's application was breached during his 1992 run to look for evidence of travel to Moscow (which, by the way, was not against the law at the time). A passport application, along with a person's annual tax return, is supposed to be kept secret; because it contains very, very personal information -- including one's social security number, family contact information, names of references and guarantors, etc. And while a politician may very well self disclose one's tax return voluntarily to satisfy critics one would never expect the same for the one piece of ID that proves ones's citizenship or national status.

Maybe it's just a coincidence that the two contractors who were caught and fired were Republicans. Then again, maybe not. It's very suspicious that Obama, perhaps on the verge of clinching the Dem nom, would be subjected to such a breach of national security. Apparently the matter is before the Inspector General. Actually, this calls for a special prosecutor. A real one, not the whitewash investigation over the Clinton breach with Joe DiGenova (a.k.a. Mr. Victoria Toensing).

UPDATE (2:47 pm EDT, 1847 GMT): CNN is reporting that Mrs. Clinton's and John McCain's passport files were also breached. Something is very, very wrong at the State Department if something like this is happening.

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RuralSandi said...

Odd - only Democrat candidates - Bill Clinto and Obama...hmmmm...why never a Republican.

Is Karl Rove involved? Just curious as he is advising McCain.

BlastFurnace said...

Sandi, given that Karl Rove called George McGovern a weakling on national defence back in 1972 in his challenge against Nixon, even though McGovern was a hero of World War II -- nothing would surprise me. Don't forget, when Valerie Plame and her CIA status was betrayed, Rove said that she was fair game just because she and her husband Joe Wilson are registered Democrats.