Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hate victim fired for plagarism

What is it with all these plagarism incidents as of late? First the story about an essay on plagarism that was itself plagarized. Now, a professor at Columbia has been fired for a similar offence. What makes this one more interesting, though, is that Madonna Constantine first made the news not over this -- but when a noose was found hanging on her office door last fall.

She claims she's innocent and is suing the Ivy League college. Whatever the truth to the charges may be, the simple fact is that being a victim of a hate crime or any injustice does not give one a free pass to act inappropriately either before or after the fact. Professors should be bound by the same rules of citation and references that their students subscribe to as well -- the honour code should belong to everyone.

As far as the noose thing -- no, I don't think it was planted by her. But it does make one wonder what the whole story is.

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