Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Khadr letter

I honestly do not know what to make of Omar Khadr's heavily reviewed letter from Gitmo (reviewed by the US military, that is). In no way could it be compared to the "great books" in literature. But it does raise some tough questions:

How can he possibly have a normal life now? And who, honestly, would want to admit that their physician was Mr. Khadr? He can't even assume a new identity, not without plastic surgery anyway. And given his sister's and mother's vehement views supporting the 9/11 attacks, does he really think he'll get a welcome back into Canada?

From a human rights point of view: Even his US guards are concerned that his extended detention in Cuba may be turning him into a radical, so why won't he be released into the traditional court system -- whether it be a court martial or a civilian court -- so the Pentagon has to prove that Khadr was the only one in the room when an American soldier was killed? Some doubts whether this story is true or not have already been raised.

PMS' silence on this is proof he supports Gitmo. By silently condoning this kind of human rights violation, he has shown he is not fit as PM.

Unfortunately, the previous Liberal government didn't quite do nearly enough to get Khadr out of the situation he is in. Even Bob Rae would have to admit that much.

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