Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to Circus!

The RCMP admitted late today that Julie Couillard, the ex-girfriend of Maxime Bernier, was known to them ... but wouldn't get any more specific than that since the investigation (if there is one) is ongoing.

In other testimony to the House Ethics Committee, former spy Michel Juneau-Katsuya, one of Canada's best known critics of our national security situation, suggested that PMS is applying a double standard; saying that bureaucrats in the permanent service are held to a much higher standard than Cabinet ministers.

Big. Effing. Surprise. To no one's surprise, Harper has kept resisting demands for an independent police investigation, that an internal probe is enough. Why? Is it possible that Harper knows something about this that he doesn't want Canadians to know and thus can determine the terms of reference for the investigation?

When Martin replaced Chrétien as PM, he hired a special prosecutor to investigate Sponsorgate. Filegate, which may be less odious but still constitutes a serious breach of our national security demands no less. No one can or should feel safe if military secrets are leaked not once but twice in the course of just a few months.

As for Harper's assertion he won't participate in a "partisan circus" -- well, his cronies were the ones who created it in the first place, not the opposition. Let him try to defy a sub poena.

Oh, one last thing -- Couillard attended a $1000 per plate dinner in honour of Harper last year. The cheque bounced. She later claimed she was offered a chance to be a candidate for the party. Anyone find that just a bit suspicious?

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Anonymous said...

The Harper Tories epouse tried and true family values, eh?

What families might we be talking? Abraham, Sarah and Hagar? Or Sampson and Deliah?

Is that true for you Mr. Toews? Mr Bernier, whadda you say?