Monday, March 23, 2009

Canadian oil for Canadians

I wonder if Justin Trudeau, in his comfy office on The Hill, must be stewing in his own juices this morning after learning as we all have that Petro Canada (Big Daddy's creation that led directly to the creation of the western rights movement) has agreed to a "friendly" takeover by Suncor Energy. As I understand it, the US and Canadian operations of Sunoco are separate, but the fact that another Canadian created company has been divested to the wilds of American oil speculators who own most of the stock of Suncor is not a good story.

There are some legal technicalities, among them since there is only so much one entity can own in Petrocan it needs the approval of Parliament. The twosome can always get around it by having a reverse takeover where Petrocan takes over Suncor then immediately changes its name to Suncor.

Canadian oil is Canadian and should be owned and sold by Canadians. Not Americans, not Saudis, not anyone else. We may need American expertise to dig some of it up (actually, Americans are using our slant drilling knowledge to dig up theirs!), but ownership should essentially remain ours. This is a major loss of our sovereignty.

What's next? Canada joins OPEC? It's no secret that there is an invitation to do so -- but Canada does not want to be seen screwing the Americans or the EU. But the way things are going, I won't be surprised if it does happen. It would certainly make Edmonton happy to fuck the rest of Canada all over again, just by turning off the taps.

Oh yeah, it also means my points card is now totally worthless, since with the other one you only get points if you fill up with extra premium (which cost 20 t0 25 cents more per litre than regular) and which 99% of the cars on the road don't even need. Thanks a lot, motherfuckers.

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