Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's running Ontario: McGuinty or [The Scottish Play]?

In the scene in "The Scottish Play" where the body of Duncan is discovered, we see the night watchman commiserate over random things as the incessant pounding of the castle door continues and he rushes to open the gate before everyone else wakes up. One of them was about "faith, here's an equivocator who could swear in both the scales against either scale." This was a blatant reference by Shakespeare to a then recent trial where a minister of the church on trial for treason who kept giving contradictory evidence, but could not be caught up because although he wasn't exactly telling the truth, he wasn't exactly lying either.

This makes me think about Dalton McGuinty's flip-flop-flip on the minimum wage. First he says it's going up to $10.25 per hour next year. Then he said last Friday it might not go up to help Ontario businesses "stay competitive" (even though the introduction of a multi-stage value added tax next summer is supposed to address that very issue!) Today, totally humiliated, the Great Equivocator said yes, the wage increase will take place after all.

What has Ontario become? This was supposed to be a place to stand and a place to grow. Lately it's become the Land of a Thousand Idiots -- and two of them are named McGuinty and Flaherty. At least the latter is honest when he admits he wants to screw over his home province.

More and more, McGuinty has become much like Brian Mulroney in the 1980s, in the sense he has the right policies but a completely wrong way of presenting them, and a hell of a way to not keep his mouth shut when he should.

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Cari said...

What we need it to have a petition against the combo. of the GST/PST/ Maybe he would listen more than Harper. Avaaz has 67,000 petitions, and climbing, against Harper and his treatment of the CBC.

BlastFurnace said...

I doubt he'd listen, Cari. He's like Blair (a conservative in sheep's clothing) minus the charisma. When you say you won't do something then you do it, it makes you totally discreditable.

I'm not against the principle of a harmonized tax but the way it's being implemented as well as the timing is all wrong. In New Zealand, the introduction of the GST was matched by broad based income tax cuts. In Australia, the GST was designed to replace both a hidden federal tax as well as a number of state imposed levies.

If there was true broad based income tax relief, or even a flat income tax like they have in Alberta, I could accept with the new VAT. But McGuinty has basically signed his political death warrant just as Mulroney did with Canada's version of the GST, and the whole thing about the minimum wage added the final insult.

BlastFurnace said...

Another thing ... the Ontario legislature, last time I checked, still does not accept online petitions. They want paper with signatures so it can be verified. Get into the 19th century, morons!