Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday night music vault: Softly

This one goes way back to 1969, and the old Johnny Cash show. Softly is one of Gordon Lightfoot's somewhat lesser known songs, but certainly one of the most beautiful ones, the performance a few months before he released his monster hit song If You Could Read My Mind.

Where are the songwriters like this now? I mean, really? Is Taylor Hicks and Justin Timberlake the best the Machine can give us?

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Anonymous said...

Please check out Taylor Hicks' song "Maybe You Should" from the new The Distance CD. Written by Mr. Hicks and Michael Reid.

See whay you think !!!


BlastFurnace said...

It's question of consistently writing and performing songs that will be appreciated for decades to come. Not to knock either of the examples I mentioned but will their songs be played in rotation even a few years from now -- let alone 20, 30, 40? They're more flash than substance.