Friday, November 7, 2008

And the no-Walls come tumbling down

Randy and Paula White were quite the characters in the televangelist community. Like so many TV psychics, however, they seemed to have a common problem with soothsayers, i.e. to have had an accounting problem, even with the tons of money that come their way. As many may know, Paula divorced from Randy last year.

Now, "Without Walls Ministries" is on the verge of foreclosure, according to the Tampa Bay Tribune. Apparently the church defaulted on a $1 million loan from -- get this -- the Evangelical Christian Credit Union, which admits they rarely foreclose on anyone. The church is also in arrears for a $12 million loan used to expand its headquarters some years ago when the church was expanding by leaps and bounds. It gets worse: One of the church's financial officers resigned in anger after Randy White ordered him to pay White's bill to American Express, $24,000 even though it meant not keeping up with the staff payroll.

The church said yesterday it keeps on planning to hold services. But if you were a TV station and you knew about this, wouldn't you want cash in advance? How about this, guys -- just take them off the air, period.

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