Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nader said WHAT? (Or, making Fox News look good!)

HT to Bastard Logic. I kind of figured Roger Taney, the Supreme Court Chief Justice (and incredibly a Roman Catholic) who said a free black man could never be a citizen in the infamous Dred Scott case, was spinning in his grave when Obama won on Tuesday night. But would even an absolute bigot like Taney have been prepared for Ralph Nader?

You've got to see this to believe it!

Uncle Tom. From Ralph Nader. Seriously.

Hard to believe that there was a time when he and Lee Iacocca were actually on the same side when it came to some issues of vehicle safety, especially on the Chevy Vega (the aluminum pancake engine, remember)? Whatever happened to the Nader that fought for clean air, water, product and workplace safety? The guy that proved that where appropriate, regulation is a good thing.

If this was the equal time Nader has been seeking, then even Shep Smith is right -- Captain Courageous ™ is years past his expiry date.

Who would have ever thought Shep would look good. This is one of the rare times I actually toast Fox News. If Keith Olbermann hasn't done so, I name Smith as only the second "today's best person in the world" -- the first of course was Geraldo Rivera for smacking down Bill O'Reilly on immigration.

How bad is that? Truly folks, when Nader drops a bomb like this, we are living in the last days.

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Anonymous said...

Your link does not work, but if this is the clip you were referring to ( then, yes, I can believe it. Nader is challenging Obama to stand up for blacks and the working poor. His observations about Obama's program and his political record are accurate.

"Uncle Tom" is synonymous with "sell-out;" it is not a racist epithet.

Nader was quite right to challenge Obama, to ask if he would be "an Uncle Tom for the corporations" or an "Uncle Sam for American working people."

Fox didn't look good. The Fox News anchor, in Nader's words, was "a bully."

Good for Ralph!

BlastFurnace said...

I'm quite familiar with what "Uncle Tom" means, Paul; and that's what makes it even more offensive to me.

I was half-expecting that Nader was next going to say that Obama was an "Oreo," a term I've heard in reference only to Michael Jackson and Gen. Colin Powell.

Accurate Nader's other observations may have been, but they were "coloured" (no pun intended) by the other thing he said. Even taking Nader's claims at face value, I think Obama is a pragmatist at his core; but he won't forget the base that got him to where he is now.

As I said, Shep isn't exactly my ideal of an anchor -- stand-up comic would be more like it as the other "journalists" at Fox. But someone had to put his foot down and if it had to be Shep, then all the power to him.