Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give us one reason to leave here, and we'll bring your government down!

The idea behind public financing is to take away the corruption that comes with corporate and union donations and ensures that parties play on a more or less even playing field, based on the previous election's popular vote. Now, it looks like the Conservatives, the only party that is healthy financially, wants to take even that away. For the ruling party, a loss of $10 million per year may be peanuts; but for the other parties who rely solely on private donations as well as the quarterly payments it would be a disaster.

We know what it would do to the Liberals -- but think about what it would do to the Green Party, just a month after that group had its best showing in the popular vote ever. The NDP and the Bloc would also take a hit to their voices -- and in the current environment the more progressive voices the better.

Just like Karl Rove tried to do for the Republicans in the States, Jim Flaherty wants one party rule in Canada -- his own party.

The feds should find $30 million to cut from elsewhere, like corporate welfare. Otherwise the opposition has the numbers. Bring down the government, now.

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