Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dating service now open to gays and lesbians

The online dating service eHarmony ™ has settled out of court with a man from New Jersey and, as part of the agreement, will now add two more dating options -- women seeking women, and men seeking men. It has been up till now been only open to heterosexuals.

The service, founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren and which was once connected to Focus on the Family (no, seriously), had apparently been considering the options but kept putting it in the "planning stages." The new site which is going to be up by March 2009 will be called "Compatible Partners."

Absolutely the correct thing to do. I have no issues with two people of the same sex living together or trying to find companionship -- they face the same difficulties finding someone as people who are "straight," like me. Denying one's matchmaking services to a specific subset of the culture, or any other business so denying their fare for that matter, for a fee -- even when someone is willing to pay -- is a stupid way to run a business as far as I'm concerned. It's as stupid as the days when entire neighbourhoods were off-limits to those of the Jewish faith.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't care if someday we have a Prime Minister who is gay or lesbian and has his or her partner living with him or her at 24 Sussex -- as long as they can do the job of running the Langevin Block, I don't give a damn what they do under the sheets. If I recall correctly, Sweden has already had this precedent, and gay marriages become legal there next year (civil unions have been available in Abbaland for quite some time).

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